Town of Wyoming

Waupaca County, Wisconsin

The Town of Wyoming is an unincorporated rural town in the most remote area of northwest Waupaca County.  It surrounds the Village of Big Falls.  Unique from other Waupaca County communities in many ways, the Town of Wyoming landscape has the lowest proportion of agricultural land and the highest proportion of forest land.  Waterways are also a dominant landscape feature, including high quality natural resources like the Little Wolf River, the South Branch of the Pigeon River, many trout streams, and Mud Lake. 

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting(s)



St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, N10685 Petersen Rd., Marion, WI

Tuesday, August 6, 2024

8:00 PM

1.  Call meeting to order

2.  Roll call/verification of open meeting law

3.  Pledge of Allegiance

4.  Approval of agenda

5.  Approve minutes of previous meetings, July 2, 2024 Regular Board Meeting

6.  Public Comment


7. Comprehensive Planning Report

8. Assessor’s report –Monthly activities, sales

9. Treasurer’s report- monthly receipts, ending bank balance.

10.  Clerk’s report – Correspondence received permits & applications received including Building, Land Use & Conditional use, items of public interest and meetings attended.

11. Building Inspector

12. Road Review

13. ARPA Funds

14.  Chairman’s report - Meetings attended; residents’ concerns, if any and road maintenance report

15.  Supervisor’s report - Meetings attended; residents’ concerns, if any and road maintenance report

16.  Upcoming workshops/seminars/meetings; who will attend?

17.  Review and approval of claims.

18.  Board Discussion on Future Agenda items.  Action on items will be taken up at future meetings.

19.  Set next meeting date and time.

20.  Adjourn


Brittany Jashinsky, Clerk 

Visitor Guidelines

*Note* All persons attending must sign in for official attendance purposes.


1. Visitor input is limited to speaking during the designated visitor input period, unless requested by the Board for input during discussion of business.

2.  Visitors speaking must state their name and address.

3. Visitors speaking before the Board will be held to one subject per a five (5) minute period.

4. All visitors will be limited to five minutes of talk time, with any additional input on the subject limited to two (2) minutes per person.

5.  All individuals will be afforded the opportunity to speak before an individual who has already commented will again be given the floor.

6. Visitors requiring an emergency decision from the Board must contact the Clerk at 715-250-3308 to request to be placed on the Agenda two or more hours prior to the Board meeting.